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5 Halloween costume ideas

The last days of October are approaching and that means… Halloween night! This typical celebration of the United Kingdom on October 31 has been part of us for a long time and it is a day in which the little ones - and some not so little ones - take the opportunity to dress up as all kinds of things and terrifying characters.

In Textiles of Fashion we also love costume parties and, above all, do it ourselves with all kinds of resources, fabrics and accessories. That is why we want to help you and we bring you some ideas and inspirations so that you can do it yourself and with our best fabrics. Are you ready to win the award for best costume?


One of the star costumes at this party is always the witch or wizard costume. Very easy to create with clothes from your own wardrobe such as a basic dark navy blue or black t-shirt and as a complement a skirt with stars, characteristic of this costume. The stars rule! If something characterizes this character, it is his long cape with black fabric... so make your own, take the hat, the broom and... go out and show off and celebrate Halloween!

Some of the fabrics that we recommend for this costume are the following:



Movies like Dracula or Twilight... On the night of the dead you can't miss the vampire costume. A classic! Create this costume in the simplest way by combining the three key colors: black, white and... red. With black clothes and a white shirt you already have half of your costume done. Complete it with a red cape and amazing teeth.


The walking dead always star tonight... and what better than a Zombie costume. How to do it? You can do it with your own clothes. You only need a t-shirt - as light as possible - and pants. These garments will have to be stained and torn a little to give that terrifying, tired and dead image that zombies reflect. So choose those clothes that you don't care about staining or destroying! With just a little red paint and black and white makeup you'll have the costume ready in a few minutes.


One of the key characters in scary movies are CLOWNS with colorful clothing of all kinds but with key creepy makeup that accentuates their features. For this costume, the best thing is your personality! Bring out the madness inside you and scare everyone with a penetrating gaze and a wicked smile. In this costume, play with the colors in your wardrobe: with a red shirt, pants or a colorful skirt with stockings with different patterns such as polka dots or checks... Create your own look and don't forget to get a red nose! If you want to keep your own costume, we recommend one of our  printed fabrics.


squid games

For the not so little ones… One of this year's star costumes and the one that everyone is talking about is going to be centered on the series The Squid Game. This red jumpsuit that is characteristic of some series lately is sure to be filling the streets on Halloween. If you dare to make your red jumpsuit to measure, we recommend one of our  plain  red fabrics with which you will surely be the king of the game.

If something characterizes the night of October 31 - All Saints' Eve - it is the costumes with dark colors, such as black, navy blue, purple or dark green, and also red and white. So adapt the costumes to the colors that you like the most. Also… If you want to innovate and make your costume for the Halloween party different, discover all our fabrics, plain or printed, and recreate the costume in your own style!