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All you Need to Know About Mens Bomber Jacket

Young fashionistas surely know that the men's fashion trend is not the first season of a bomber jacket. This is a men's jacket, characterized by its comfort and practicality. There are seasonal, summer and winter Jacket Styles. A bomber jacket was originally created for US pilots, this jacket was also called the pilot. He later became known as the "bomberman".

A distinctive feature of this jacket was a bright orange lining, thanks to which the rescue services could quickly notice the pilots who crashed the plane just by turning the jacket inside out. Also, a bomber must have a thick rubber band at the bottom of the product, on the cuffs, collar, and a high or low collar, shoulders, and voluminous pockets. Over time, the bomber jacket became the casual wear of common people.

How To Choose And Who Will Go.

A bomber jacket is ideal for both office and casual styles. It has a loose fit and doesn't hamper your movements, which is a definite plus. The bomber emphasizes the slenderness of the male figure and adds brutality. It is worth noting that this jacket visually makes a man slimmer and taller, so overweight men should also consider this option for outerwear. Choosing a bomber jacket, first of all you need to pay attention to the material from which the jacket is made. The fabric must be of high quality, and free from visible defects. The seams should be smooth and neat. All closures (zippers, buttons, etc.) must be strong and of high quality.

Choosing a model for the winter, pay attention to insulation. If it is natural leather, it should be of good quality, smooth, on the back in one direction. Artificial insulators, such as sintepon or down, must have a quality coating, not "get out" from under it. Modern technologies will make it possible to create very light artificial heaters, at the same time with excellent thermal qualities.
Choose a bomber jacket in your size, and the jacket should be comfortable and not impede movement. Wearing a jacket with a reservation makes no sense since the wide cut allows you to wear thick and warm clothes underneath.

Large Sizes

A bomber jacket for obese men should choose an elongated style, approximately below the middle of the thigh. Such Jacket Styles visually pull and make the silhouette slimmer. Now the market has a wide range of sizes, so large men can easily find a convenient and comfortable bomber jacket. At the same time, give preference to dark shades, as light ones will fill you out.

Varieties Per Season

A few decades ago, the winter bomber jacket was a heavy shearling jacket, which made movement a bit difficult, so it wasn't very comfortable to wear. Over time, thanks to the latest technology, bombers have become much easier and more comfortable. These jackets are distinguished by seasonality. Due to their versatility, manufacturers and designers produce both winter options and summer and off-season. Consider them in more detail.

Demi-Season - Fall and Spring

The Demi-Season bomber will ideally save you from any fall and spring whims. Demi-season options can be divided into three categories:
Light, which is suitable for late spring and early warm autumn; as a rule, such bombers are made of thick cotton, without insulation;
Warmer uses insulation such as flannel, fleece, and synthetic winterizer, which is less commonly found. In these jackets, it will not freeze in early spring or late fall;
the combined option where the lining is removable, as a rule, with a zipper. This is a more practical and popular model since, for a price, you buy outerwear 2.


The summer bomber jacket can be called a windbreaker differently, which is perfect for cool summer nights or cloudy weather in the hot season. As a rule, these jackets have classic colors: black, navy blue, brown, and khaki. Of course, you can find bright Jacket Styles with unusual prints on the market. As a rule, light materials are used to produce the summer bomber, for example, cotton, nylon, and silk.


The winter bomber jacket is specifically designed to keep you warm in the cold and protect you from biting wind. As a rule, it is a genuine leather jacket with a fur lining or synthetic insulation. The winter bomber jacket necessarily has a large fur collar, although its size may vary depending on the model and style of the jacket. In addition to the classic leather bomber, you can choose Jacket Styles from other materials. To do this, use dense materials that do not allow cold air; as a rule, such Jacket Styles are insulated with padding polyester or down. Such bombers have more elongated styles, approximately to the knee. Also, they can have a collar with fur trim.

Fashion Styles And Jacket Styles

Next, we consider in more detail the Jacket Styles and styles of the bomber, for whom they are most suitable.

Sheepskin Coat

For the production of a classic bomber jacket, shearling coats use well-made, natural sheepskin. Natural leather and natural fur will perfectly warm you in severe frosts. As a rule, such sheepskin coats have a natural color from light to dark brown, the fur on such Jacket Styles is of light shades (white, milky). You can also find dyed sheepskin coats in the market, in this case, before buying, check the color quality by wiping the sheepskin coat and fur with a damp cloth. If a trace remains, you should not buy such a bomber.


The elongated bomber model looks like a coat since its length is around the knee. As a rule, such Jacket Styles are warmed up and are used mainly for late autumn and early spring. In the cold, in this coat, it will be pretty cold.


Modern bomber Jacket Styles can be with a hood, both in the off-season and winter. The winter version is also warm with fur or comes with fur trim. Hooded Jacket Styles are more practical, as they are better protected from the wind.


Club bombers are very popular with young people. The Jacket Styles have a bright design, and a lot of stripes, instead of a zipper there may be buttons. It is worth noting that the winter version is insulated mainly with polyester padding. Fur Jacket Styles can not be found among club bombers.


The bomber sports jacket is a kind of sports jacket. Easily paired with sweatpants, running shoes, or sneakers. Under the bomber jacket, you can wear a t-shirt or a hoodie. This is an excellent option for sports, walking, and outdoor recreation.


A military-style bomber jacket gives you masculinity and personality. Such models are well combined with the wardrobe of this style, but it is worth noting that you should not look like a soldier, so you should dilute the image with sweaters, pullovers, T-shirts, and jeans.


Shorter style quilted bomber jacket, various color schemes, sure to be heated by bottom or other heaters. Such bombers are suitable for cool autumn weather. Quilted models look great on men of any age.
In Lightning

It is worth noting that the bomber mainly uses a high-quality zipper. It is rare to find youth models with buttons or buttons. Lightning is convenient in use, both in winter and in off-season models.


The classic winter bomber jacket is made of genuine leather; it can be insulated with fur and various artificial insulators, and the length of the collar can vary. Cotton, silk, nylon, and jeans are used for seasonal options. A classic elastic bomber should have a wide elastic band at the neck, at the bottom of the product, and the cuffs. There should also be pockets and a zipper.


A jacket can be called a summer bomber jacket, it is very similar to a light windbreaker, as a rule, like jackets of classic dark shades, without additional decorative elements.


The classic black color for the bomber is practical and versatile. It is easily combined with clothes of different shades, suitable for men of any age.


The red windbreaker looks bright and catches the eye. This color is binding, and under it, you need to choose the right clothes, stopping her choice of more muted colors. A red bomber jacket is an excellent option for a confident man.

Dark blue

The blue color is the trend of this season. Also, all shades of blue, from pale blue to deep dark. This bomber jacket looks fashionable, it goes well with a denim wardrobe.


The color green, that is, its shades, such as olive and khaki, are the classic colors of the bomber, so they will never go out of style. With these colors, you can safely create images in military style, and you will always be at the height of fashion.


Camouflage colors are also very relevant today. It looks excellent on home bombs for young men and older men.


A brown bomber jacket is a classic product that will always be in style. This color gives masculinity and brutality to the image.


Many designers offer the white color of the bomber jacket; this color looks rich and underlines your status. Of course, the white color is not very practical, but if you want to give the impression of a stylish young man, feel free to choose it.


The blue jacket meets in the youth clothing season. The beautiful blue color will help you stand out from the crowd and look solid and individually.
The gray bomber jacket is also a hit of the season. This is a noble color that is suitable for men of any age, perfectly combined with any wardrobe.


In the manufacture of a bomber, they use not only natural leather but also jeans and silk. Materials should be natural and have good windproof properties, strength, and excellent wear resistance.


Jeans are trendy among men. It is practical and easy to use. Jeans bomber jackets can often be found among the youth. Designers offer a variety of denim prints that look very impressive and give the image individuality. A denim bomber jacket can often be found among the seasonal models.


Silk is used for summer and seasonal options. Silk is a high-quality and resistant material, which, thanks to special impregnations, does not allow cold air.


The suede bomber jacket looks great and adds nobility to your image. Thanks to a special skin dressing, it turns out soft and velvety. Suede perfectly protects from wind and cold. The color of the suede may vary, but it is better to give preference to natural colors this season: from light beige to dark brown.

What and how to wear

The bomber jacket is universal outerwear and can be safely combined with almost any wardrobe. Thanks to the loose fit, the demi-season bombers can be worn before the first winter chill, wearing a thick jumper or sweatshirt. In the summer, it looks great with t-shirts, t-shirts, and even t-shirts, combined with jeans and sports shoes, for example, sneakers, sneakers loafers, which turn out to be a great stylish casual look. Jeans can be any style, including chinos.

Winter bombers also go well with pants and jeans. Shoes must be made of genuine leather; they can be both rough and classic. It is good if you wear leather gloves or mittens, and a scarf or hairnet, both thick and thin, will complement your look. Choosing a winter hat, give preference to caps with a flap. In the demi-season period, baseball caps and caps will look good with sports models.