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Classic Halloween Costumes

Although trends are also sometimes talked about on the night of the dead and every year, some outfits become the most sought after and expected, classic Halloween costumes always succeed clowns, witches, zombies, vampires, demons, skeletons, werewolves, ghosts, pumpkins.
It may be that you don't really want to talk and you prefer to opt for the Halloween costumes of a lifetime, or that you are a traditional one who when he thinks of fear only Count Dracula or the witches of Salem come to mind. Or if you go from fashions and trends and you like to bet on the classic... Whatever the reason, here we go with some ideas for finding that outfit that will always be a success despite the passage of time and the fashions that come.

Clown Halloween Costumes
Although lately, we see these costumes for reasons that have nothing to do with Halloween, we are still betting on the killer clown costume as a fun outfit to scare during this celebration. Always "good vibes"...

Original Vampire Halloween Costume: Vampires go out to dinner

The vampire costume is one of those that always look good on Halloween night. You can become a vampire or vampiress, and don't forget accessories like good vampire makeup in shades of black, white, and gray, some sharp fangs, and a little fake blood to give your outfit more realism.
Zombie costumes for Halloween: blood and "arghhhhh"…
What would Halloween be without zombies? There are many ways to style your zombie Halloween costume, from getting yourself a ghastly mask and your usual bloodstained clothing, or getting some ghoulish outfit like these.
Remember that your costume will be much more realistic if you add characterization prosthetics, wounds made with liquid latex, and fake blood. Do not miss a detail!

Witch Halloween Costumes

Witches are other regulars on Halloween night. They don't miss one! To create a complete outfit, nothing better than getting a witch Halloween costume and adding accessories such as some super cool tights, a wig, a bag in the shape of a cauldron, and, of course, the magic broom. And you can also find some sexy Halloween costumes…

Devils and devils Halloween costumes

Demons and devils, devils and demons… They all go out to celebrate Halloween with their red outfits, their horns and their tridents. Terrifying Halloween costumes that always succeed!
Original Skeleton Halloween costume: we die for its bones
We like to move the skeleton on Halloween, and if you want to do it more literally than ever, these costumes will be your best choice. You can do it more originally or elegantly, and there is something for all tastes... Don't forget about makeup and decorative accessories when preparing a party at home.

Other original Halloween costumes

Werewolf Halloween and Full Moon Costumes

Werewolves never miss their date on Halloween. They take advantage of the darkness to go out... Although some are less terrifying: There will always be room for those who give us the most fear (scary costumes and Halloween… sounds good!). Is lycanthropy cool to you? This is a real lycanthrope costume!

Ghost Costumes for Halloween (it's scary!)

Do you like ghost costumes but want to give your outfit a different touch? Look at these two proposals of classic and elegant ghosts. Although you will always have the most classic (and economical) option in the world this really is a cheap Halloween costume!

Pumpkin costume for Halloween? Fun and original

We end this review of these Halloween costumes with the quintessential symbol of this celebration: pumpkins. We know that you will use them to decorate, but how about dressing up as one of them? From the most diabolic.