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Everything you need to know about leather jackets

In this article we take a closer look at a worldwide known item of clothing: the leather jacket! Read on and discover what you didn't know about this popular leather product. 

History leather jacket in fashion and clothing world

The first time the use of leather jackets was promoted as a garment was during the First World War. That is, when German fighter pilots wore leather jackets to keep their bodies warm at altitude. Leather turned out to be the best option for this; it was very durable and it maintained a good body temperature. This model of leather jacket also gained status after the war as a popular item of clothing among pilots.
In 1928, the first leather jacket model was designed for motorcyclists. This leather jacket was designed by Irving Schott and he called it the 'Perfecto model', named after his favorite cigar brand. This jacket is specially designed to prevent wind from penetrating the rider's clothing while riding a motorcycle. For a long time, not every leather jacket represented an interesting, stylish personality, until the Schott leather jacket first appeared in Harley-Davidson stores.
Leather jackets are now a leading fashion image for both men and women. Combined with jeans, T-shirts or worn with a chic look, it is simply a very versatile piece of clothing.

Black leather jacket

A black leather jacket is about the most common type of leather jacket in many variations. From a single long leather coat to a short jacket. You can also wear this last type of jacket in the fall when the temperature is moderate or indoors as an alternative to a sweater. Wear it with jeans and in the colder winter months, you can wear a cool hoodie or a woolen blouse under your leather jacket.

Brown leather jacket

The brown leather jacket is one of the great examples of the classic style. You can find these types of jackets in different designs. The brown leather jacket can be worn with contrasting colors such as blue, green and gray to make it more visible. If you wear camel-colored clothing and neutral tones with this jacket, you also create a monochrome style: different shades of one color!

Red leather jacket

If you like to wear a  red leather jacket, but you are not very interested in the classic style, we definitely recommend a red leather jacket. It is daring but you can combine this jacket with white, blue and even red colors to create an attractive and dazzling style. Matter of action!

Pink leather jacket

Pink leather jackets may not be the most common jackets to wear, but they are a great option for many occasions. However, it is still a popular color, especially among women. A color that makes a very nice combination with people who like to dress predominantly in black. The color pink has many shades, so you have as many different choices; from light pink, mist, pearl, salmon, old pink - to dark pink and really everything in between. This color style gives you more fun, happiness and gives you a youthful look.

Blue leather jackets

You would initially think that leather jackets are only available in black, brown or perhaps red, but you should know that leather also comes in different cheerful colors. It gives extra color in cold winter days, for example... An ocean blue colored leather jacket is a good choice for a casual style (comfortable and informal) or for late evening appointments during a night out or a date. There are many occasions when you can use a blue leather jacket style. You can choose this type of jacket from sailor blue to emerald blue tones and combine it with jeans or apply it to an otherwise all-black style.

White leather jacket

White leather jacket…? This shiny Jacket gives a lot of effect to your style. You can combine a white leather jacket with jeans, or for the ladies with a long skirt. A style reminiscent of the fashion of the seventies. For women it will look very stylish and sporty if such a white leather jacket is combined with a satin shirt or a straight pencil skirt. The white leather jacket is very suitable for autumn and winter nights due to its harmony.

Yellow or bronze leather jacket

Grab the attention of the crowd by wearing a yellow or bronze leather jacket! A leather jacket with one of the skin tones is the best way to create an attractive style in autumn and winter. You can combine a yellow or bronze leather jacket with a white T-shirt and jeans to remind you of the color of the sun, or you can use a bright yellow type and combine this jacket with an all-white style. If you don't want a saffron yellow style, bronze is a very good alternative. These kinds of color tones give a warm élan even on the coldest days.

Wine and purple leather jacket

Grape colors are always a good choice for leather jackets. This color has different shades and is very suitable for people who like variety and uniqueness. It's a color that never goes out of style. You can wear this jacket with a simple T-shirt or a crew neck and jeans. Of course, the colors of the grape family harmonize with many other colors, such as blue, gray and black.

Leather jacket with fur collar

Leather jackets are a good choice for cold days of the year, but when the weather gets really cold, you can use jackets with a fur collar. These are nice and warm outside, usually also very stylish. However, our advice is to opt for fake fur, which is cheaper, more sustainable and of course much more environmentally friendly. You have several options for buying this type of jacket. From very large collars to small collars. It is better to match the color of the fur with the rest of your clothing or to create a contrast between them by choosing a completely different collar color than the clothing.

A Pilot Jacket

Such a pilot jacket is casual, sporty, comfortable and informal at the same time. It represents street styles or special styles, such as grunge style. This type of jacket is one of the best ways to show an attractive and sporty style. You can wear a leather aviator jacket with jeans or create a sporty style for women by wearing leggings. Wearing this kind of clothes always makes one feel fresh and young.

Short leather jacket

Get your skinny pants out of the closet and wear your short leather jacket with them for an attractive and special style without having to shiver from the cold. Wearing this type of jacket makes a person appear taller than they are. Of course, you have several choices to wear these jackets, as their height varies from the waist, to even the top of the waist for the ladies. Very fashionable