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Men's Black leather jackets are always in fashion!

Modern people prefer clothes made of genuine leather. Leather jacket - a great thing for the off-season. Leather is a versatile material, it looks expensive and is used for a long time. Therefore, the products are bought for several seasons. With proper use and operation, leather goods will become "timeless" in your wardrobe.

Today's technology allows you to create leathers of any color, density, and texture. This is the secret of such popularity. Despite this, the most popular colors for men's jackets are still black and brown. The latest artificial materials compete with natural raw materials, but it is the natural product that is always valued the most.

Texture Types

Faux leather, It is used for the manufacture of budget options for leather jackets, shoes and gloves. The price of such a jacket will not be so high, but you need to remember that when storing in the material, it can get wet and freeze. In addition, the products are made from their distant relatives "Picard" and "Capybaras". The quality of this leather is much better. 

Bakers leather jacket, It differs in durability and durability. There is only one drawback, it is very expensive, which is why it is mainly used to make shoes and gloves, rather than jackets. But if you can afford this type of fur, don't doubt that jacket will be "forever".

Difference Between Cowhide and Bull Leather

Bull leather It differs in durability and democratic price. The jacket of this type of leather will practically not get wet. You can basically see it from your casual products. The price of Cowhide is almost the same as the bull, but it seems much more expensive, but more rude. Great value for the price. Calfskin Known for its strength, but at the same time softness. Young calves have much smoother skin. Often "snake", "lizard" and "crocodile" patterned leather jackets are made from it. This skin is different in quality. The softer, the more expensive. But this does not mean that it is an expensive calfskin product, made from high-quality leather. These can only be publicity stunts.

Deerskin is practically not used for the manufacture of jackets due to its high cost and appearance. Stays warm and protects from the wind. Also applies to premium sheepskin, goat and leather . They are smooth and, of course, priced. Not everyone will be able to afford a cock made of this leather, but it is still not the most expensive. This skin looks great, more durable than other skin types. Despite this rarely available.

Ostrich skin As crocodile refers to the type of the most expensive. These creatures are grown on special farms, jackets, raincoats and the most expensive accessories are made from this leather. The appearance of ostrich fur can be recognized immediately (the slightly plucked type of bird). The quality of such products is very high.