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Popular 80's Halloween Costumes

It's crazy to think that forty years ago we wore clothes that today we would consider wearable only as a costume. Crazy makeup, huge hair, and leg warmers are an outfit that just screams '80s. While we've toned it down a bit over the years, I've started seeing some good ones. weird trends Pointed shoulders, strappy dresses and plastic bags are back.

However, if you're looking to wear an 80s costume for Halloween, here are some great ideas, from Marty McFly to Virgin . You may find some unique ideas that you may never have considered! Of course, you'd be surprised what's selling on Amazon today. Did you know that you can find a rock star wig? I swear, it's worth it instead of putting all that hairspray in your hair. You'll be trying to get it out for weeks!

If you are looking for your costumes elsewhere, I recommend reading the reviews as some costumes can get really uncomfortable, like plastic pants and cheap earrings. The last thing you want is to feel pain in unexpected places on this amazing day!

So here are my tips on the best Halloween costumes:

Popular 80's Halloween Costumes

1. Prince

Thanks to Prince, the color purple has been around for over forty years. If you were a lover of his music like me, you will love this costume because it is made of velvet with lace cuffs. This suit was also used for him. Purple Rain album, the one with one of my favorite songs, " When Doves Cry" . It comes with a shirt, jacket and pants, although you will have to buy your own. wig Separately, but perfect for Halloween party!

2. Lydia Deetz for Beetle Juice

Why be a corpse or vampire bride when you can be Lydia's bride? cockroach juice? This costume is super cute, sexy, and sure to turn heads at a Halloween party. Although beware, the petticoat and the veil are not included. I also highly recommend ordering the wig to even go with it or people may not understand the costume. This isn't exactly the perfect replica from the movie, but it definitely makes for a cool costume! It's also 3% elastane, so it stretches a bit.

3. Cockroach juice

Of course, I couldn't leave out the famous Beetlejuice costume if I have Lydia's wedding costume. This is the perfect combination for you or your partner if you are both involved. cockroach juice movie. By the way, I also heard that there will be a second one, with Winona Ryder! Anyway, watch out again, this is another costume that doesn't come with the wig. But don't worry, take a look at this. wig ! It's also Amazon's choice and has great reviews.

4. Virgin

Even today Madonna does not look old. If she didn't know who she is, she would say that she looks like she is 30 years old. Her music hasn't aged much either; she remained constant as pop incorporated more digital sound. This costume is super cute, especially with the white lace gloves and nylon stockings, but be careful not to rip them! The only thing I'd be a little nervous about is the sleeves; they have that scratchy material that I remember wearing at my last Christmas sweater party and I couldn't handle it.

5. Indiana Jones

Guys, you would definitely look good at an 80's Halloween party if you dressed up as Indiana Jones. In the 1980s, only every woman had a crush on Harrison Ford, especially in that brown leather jacket and cowboy hat. Looking back now, I realize how bad Hollywood was, but the action scenes were clean nonetheless. These were also the classics, because no other movie had a story like this, which made it even more successful. Therefore, if you want to present yourself as the beautiful star of the 80's, choose this costume! Just be careful that the costume doesn't come with the pants or shoes, so you'll have to get them elsewhere.

6. Jane fonda

If you dare to rock a little skinny neon, you'll love this Jane Fonda-inspired workout outfit. While this is a bit more revealing, it will be great to wear if it's hot outside or in the party room. You'll also love those long leg warmers! Either way, you'll definitely turn heads when you show up. The costume comes with the leotard, headband, and leg warmers, so you'll just need to find some white shoes.

7. Rubik's cube

This costume is just living proof that you can literally get anything from Amazon. You can introduce yourself as a Rubik's cube! Great! You might feel square (hehe), but you probably don't have to worry about someone else choosing the same costume. For those who came up with this costume, they were definitely thinking outside the box, thinking about trends and not just people. This is also very colorful and is sure to turn heads at the next party! Also, you won't have to worry about lost accessories like a wig.

8. Princess leia

Sure there is a lot of Princess Leia, but this one is very sexy! If it's attention you're looking for, you're sure to get it with this one! Leia is also considered one of the bravest heroines. Star Wars IV, V and VIII, especially when she confronts and kills Jabba the Hut with some pieces of cloth.

9. The Karate Kid

Hears! This martial arts costume is incredibly comfortable and almost exactly like the Karate Kid uniform. You could also recycle it and call it the Cobra Kai costume since it serves both purposes. Included in this costume are the vest, pants, and belt, two of which are embroidered!

10. Ghostbusters

Who will you call? Definitely you at this party if you choose this Ghostbusters costume! What I like most is the detail of this. While some just come with the uniform and no ghost vacuums, others come with everything. And if you have a little one, you can always dress him up as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man ! Look at that adorable costume! Honestly, this makes for a cuter couple if you take your kids trick-or-treating.

11. Princess Buttercup

If you like the Middle Ages and romance novels, you'll love this Princess Buttercup costume from The Princess Bride. If you also have a partner and convince them to be Westley , the fearless man in black, they will certainly be the cutest couple at the Halloween party! Just make sure you have all of the costume accessories, like Westley's sword AND Buttercup's wig , to complete this look. Otherwise it may look a bit strange.

12. Alex Owens of Flashdance

If you like to dance and are going to a Halloween party, check out this Alex Owens Flash Dance costume ! You'll also have the best moves on the dance floor in this ensemble, complete with a heather gray mesh dress, leg warmers and headband. This is pretty much everything you will need for this costume. fun and flirty!

13. Man Cap

This costume can go in two ways: a t-shirt or a one-piece swimsuit. Personally, I'd stick with the costume because it's more fun, but if you're not into crazy things, I'd recommend the t-shirt. Either way, people will recognize it! You can also get more creative with a friend or partner and wear pac man AND Mrs. Pac Costumes for men , or blue and pink ghost costumes. Just one more idea to spice things up!

14. Freddy Kruger

Want to go with something a little creepier? Check out this Freddy Krueger costume! This is also great if this scared the hell out of you as a kid. Share the memories with your friends and family in this costume, which comes complete with shirt, sleeve cuffs, built-in latex, and burnt flesh accents. Here is also the link for the mask if you don't mind having something on your face. But now after COVID, we should get used to it, right? You might also want to get the hat AND claw hand to go with it!

15. Wayne's World (Set of 2)

Guy! If you want to match your best friend's costume, check out these Wayne's World Costumes ! Long hair, glasses, plaid shirt and baseball cap – it shouldn't be too hard to take it off. It's also one of the most comfortable costumes on this list, especially when compared to some latex materials. But these essentially include the black and blonde wigs, Wayne's World hat, wands, and glasses. Grab a t-shirt and jeans and you're good to go. Easy!

16. Elliot on ET

And it was one of my favorite movies growing up. Although I couldn't bear to watch when Elliot found ET sick and discolored in the river, it reminds me of when Mufasa died in The Lion King. But this is a great costume to show off one of Steven Spielberg's classic 80's movies. Although keep in mind that you will have to "hold" the handlebars all the time, or you will look weird with the basket hanging from it. Costumes include red hoodie, white handlebars, and velcro closure. You will need to provide the shoes and jeans yourself.

17. Claire Standish from The Breakfast Club

Not everyone might recognize this, but anyone who loves '80s rom-coms will surely know you're Claire Standish. She was known as one of the rebels who served her time in the library on Saturdays. The costume includes the shirt, belt and skirt, so she will need to purchase the wig AND boots separately.

18. The Grady Twins From The Shining

If you love horror movies and are going to a Halloween party with your best friend, why not dress up as the Grady twins? The costume is also quite comfortable with a loose dress, knee-high socks, and a headband. You only have to take your shoes. Complete the character by asking others: "Come play with us!"

19. Lisa Frank Animals

Another who was not a human being, but a trend. Wear any animal print with many colors and you have the look! In fact, if you have a whole group of friends, everyone can wear their own pattern and colors and you'll still be even. If you don't know the artist, I highly recommend looking him up! Very popular artwork!

20. Baywatch lifeguards

Another one you probably haven't thought of. This was the show that everyone saw just because of the wonderful "lifeguards" on the beach. But if you want to try the 80's style beach bikini, then this one is definitely for you! For women, the suit comes with the mini jacket, the swimsuit, the whistle and the shorts. There is also a suit that comes with a shirt instead of the suit, if you don't want to wear spandex. For men I recommend the Baywatch costume which of course comes with the full jacket and shorts.

21. Jennifer Parker from Back to the Future

Great Scott! This is the cutest and most comfortable costume you can wear on Halloween. With cute floral leggings and a light jacket, pair it with some white pumps and curl your hair and you'll be the spitting image of Jennifer Parker! Another cute couples costume is to dress your SO as Marty McFly. If you are also going to a party with a friend, you can dress up as Doc.

22. Teenage Mutant Turtles

Let's be honest. You were probably a ninja turtle when you were a kid. Why not indulge in nostalgia and dress up as an adult again? Believe me, there are plenty of costumes! It's also another good way to show off some of your ninja moves. This costume comes with the jumpsuit, eye mask, elbow pads, knee pads. And shoe covers! There's no searching for shoes to complete this costume!

23 Smurf

Another cute costume, if you loved the Smurfs growing up why not dress up as one for Halloween? If you have kids, they'll probably recognize you from the movie. Troll, but we will always know and remember the original characters. Costumes are available as both Papa Smurf the gold has Smurfette which comes with the dress, the leggings and the white hat. But sorry, not the wig.

24. Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Not many people realize this The Little Mermaid was released in 1989, the beginning of the Disney Renaissance period. But if you saw this movie as a kid, you'll definitely love this costume with an "Under the Sea" look! If you have a daughter, she would probably like to see you dressed in this beautiful mermaid dress. Better yet, here's a girl Ariel COSTUME to match!

25. The One with Stranger Things

How awesome would it be to dress up as The Stranger Things ! This show wasn't authentically filmed in the 1980s, but its settings are pretty spot on! He's so badass when it comes to killing demagogues that he makes being a geek look awesome! The costume includes the jumpsuit of course and I recommend that you wear your hair half up and half down like her.

What costume would you choose?

Personally, I'd go with the El costume, just because it's different and I'm a huge fan of Stranger Things. I also grew up not far from Hawkins, IN and was a bit of a nerd myself. So this costume would be quite suitable.