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Shearling Fashion trends of 2022

Black shearling coat

Every self-respecting woman in the wardrobe must have at least one universal thing. It is not for her to have to pick up clothes for a long time, as it will perfectly suit any image, be it business, casual or romantic.
If we are talking about the elements of outerwear, then a sheepskin coat will fit into the category of universals, and not just any, but black. And do not let the radical earthy color scare you off, because, according to experts, this shade perfectly refreshes the image, especially if you choose the right style of the black product. What models of black sheepskin coat should pay special attention to this season?

Fashion trends

The 2022 fashion season pleased young girls with a variety of sheepskin. In the assortment of models there are fitted and straight sheepskin coats, as well as trapezoidal and loose ones. Especially surprising is the abundance of textures. In addition to the traditional leather and sheepskin coats, there are lacquer models, that is, those that are covered with special substances and give light shine. What models of black shearling coats are the most popular?

In a thunderbolt

Such coats are valued, first of all, for practicality. Therefore, a lightning bolt, in contrast to volume buttons, allows you to fasten a garment much faster, and this is a very important quality. Anyway, there are some models of sheepskin coats, in which the zipper as a closure looks much more profitable than the buttons. Such, by the way, are shortened sheepskin coats, more like the cut of a jacket or windbreaker.

Straight cut

The straight cut of the shearling coat looks best on girls and the ideal proportions of the silhouette. If that sheepskin coat is also complemented by a belt, then you can easily turn your own figure into an even more feminine and sophisticated one.


The classic tailoring sheepskin coat is generally characterized by a fitted or semi-fitted cut. Its main feature is maximum restraint and conciseness in terms of decoration and small additions. The texture of the dress is usually suede, but there are also more practical leather models. The collar in these suits is usually English and is necessarily decorated with fur. Often these models are complemented by a belt, but bras always come in the form of buttons.


Such a sheepskin coat is not very suitable for severe frosts, but for an off-season cold and mild winter it will fit perfectly. When sewing thin sheepskin coats, the hair is treated in a special way, and as a result the outfit is not only very soft, but also relatively light. Such a sheepskin coat looks less fanciful, but it goes well with everyday things.


Absolutely all models of sheepskin coats complement a small but very functional element - the collar. It is he who protects the neck from the cold, but at the same time gives an elegant image thanks to the texture of the skin. But the shape of the necklace can be completely different. The most stylish and warm coats are with a high collar, since in this case the door is completely adjacent to the collar.

Coat and cut

But the fur trim can be present not only on the collar of the sheepskin coat, but also in its other details. The fur can be trimmed with the sleeve cuffs, bottom slats and even the hem in the zipper area along its entire length. It is interesting that completely different leathers can be used for finishing, but the aesthetic and practical qualities of a sheepskin coat depend on the type of fur sewn on.

With polar fox

Arctic fox fur differs in density and pile length, as well as excellent thermal qualities. That is why in the polar fox-edged sheepskin coat you will not feel the cold, even in severe frosts.

With mink

Solid skin with a nice nap, which can rightly be attributed to the elite class. The insulating properties of the skin are excellent, as well as the indicators of practicality. It is the most durable mink fur, so large areas of the product can finish it.