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The leather jacket is still trendy - in 2022, these models will be particularly popular.

The leather jacket is an absolute fashion classic and is constantly being reinvented. It will also be trendy in 2022 - with the following trendy variants.
There are fashionable pieces that are trendy every year because they are real classics that keep reinventing themselves. Sneakers are one of them, and denim jackets certainly, too. Also: the leather jacket. It is also trendy in 2022. Not only in the classic version but also as a vegan model, for example. 

1st Trend: Classic Leather Jacket

Regarding sustainability, it makes sense to buy high-quality clothing and accessories that last as long as possible and don't go out of style. A classic leather jacket is just such a part. In 2022, a boxy cut will be the trend, but you can never go wrong with a biker jacket: it goes with mom jeans, tight jeans, or even a dress as a style break element. The classic leather jacket is also a must-have in men's wardrobes. Get a high-quality jacket that you only buy once in a lifetime and that you don't have to replace; just take good care of. 

2. Trend: Long Leather jacket/leather Coat

Classically, the leather jacket or biker jacket is cut rather short. In the meantime, however, the long model is also trendy. In autumn 2022, a leather coat is also welcome his or a long-cut jacket. They can also be combined in many ways and, unlike the classic biker jacket, which looks rather cool, they provide a more elegant touch. 

3rd Trend: Leather Blazer

The leather jacket looks like a blazer and is more chic than the classic model and will be trendy in 2022. leather blazers are ideal as between-season jackets because they keep you warmer than fabric blazers. They are also real eye-catchers, especially if you choose colored models. They can be styled chic or casual and give every outfit something casual. Incidentally, leather blazers are popular for both men and women, if one needs to mention that at all – after all, fashion has no gender, just like fashion trends. 

4th Trend: Colored Leather Jacket

In addition to the classic in black, things can be colorful in 2022: the leather jacket trend does not stop at color. Yellow, red, or green, grab any color that puts you in a good mood. It is best to combine the colorful it-piece with classic blue or black jeans and wear white sneakers or simple boots. You can't go wrong with this look, and take care with the colored leather jacket for an eye-catching effect. 

5th Trend: Vegan Leather Jacket/imitation Leather Jacket

Leather jackets can be sustainable if they are made responsibly, regionally, and high quality. But suppose you prefer to use the vegan version, which is usually almost indistinguishable in terms of look. In that case, you now have a good selection of vegan leather jackets or imitation leather jackets: whether long or short, as a blazer, coat, or vest. Incidentally, vegan handbags are just as trendy as vegan leather jackets. Here you can also read what you should pay attention to when buying vegan fashion.
In autumn, the weather is often unsettled, and temperatures vary. So it takes a jacket that can withstand both warm and cool weather. Transitional jackets are not only practical, but they are also trendy in 2022. 


It is the all-rounder among transitional jackets: the blazer. As well as it suits the office and evening events, it perfectly completes the autumnal layered look in 2022. Important: The blazer is larger this year because oversized blazers go wonderfully over hoodies. The trend combination is well suited for changeable days when the sun, clouds, and alternate wind are hourly. The blazer can be kept in muted tones, while the hoodie underneath can do with color. 

Trench Coats

It may not be particularly surprising, but the classic among coats should not be missing from the 2022 transitional jacket trends. The trench coat is the ideal between-seasons jacket because it is wind and rainproof. A real trench coat needs the classic belt around the waist and does not have a hood. Long trench coats are in fashion this fall. You can break up the classic look with rough boots. 

Quilted Jackets

Quilted jackets and coats stand out visually. The jackets are perfect as transition jackets for autumn because they are neither too thick nor too thin and keep you pleasantly warm. The characteristic of quilted jackets is the stitching. The structure is variable, and it can be a honeycomb, rib structure, diamond, or herringbone pattern. The small chambers in the fabric insulate the heat optimally, and the transitional jacket is still light as a feather.