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Trends In Leather Jackets In 2021

Trends in Leather Jackets in 2021

The leather jacket is a timeless garment that is always a trend and each season is renewed or reinvented in new ways of how to combine it and how to wear it, this thanks to the help of street style and some important fashion figures, so to be Up to date with the trends in leather jackets in 2021 and how the leather jacket is worn in 2021, today I bring you some guidelines.

What are the Trends in Leather Jackets of 2021

To know how the leather jacket is worn in 2021 we first have to define which are the leather jackets that will be worn the most in 2021 and these are:

Short Biker Leather Jacket

It is a biker-type jacket but a little shorter and close to the body, ideal to combine with high-waisted pants. see some biker jackets.

Below you can see a short Primark biker in leatherette.

Oversized leather biker jacket

This jacket has an air of grunge style and of course an oversize style you can combine it with tube or flared pants to give it a grunge or oversize touch respectively.

This jacket has a straighter cut and is much wider and longer and is ideal to wear throughout the year since its size allows other layers of clothing to be worn underneath.

Here I show you an option of oversize biker jacket from Boneshia

Leather biker jacket with fur

Some have the neck and sleeves with hair and others only the neck, it can be short hair, long hair or teddy, they are warmer and will be ideal to wear from autumn, they can also be found in oversize or short versions. Click here for the jacket

Here I show you a jacket from the brand Hello Boneshia

How to Match the Trends in Leather Jackets in 2021

Now we are going to the most important part, how to combine the jackets of the trends that we have seen for this 2021, because the answer is based on the style to which each of them correspond and the styles that are currently trending:

Preppy style

You can combine it with shirts with a high neck, with ruffles or lapels, or with a dress with a baby neckline.

Next we see a super top set of an oversize biker jacket with a shirt and cycling tights.

Grunge style

As for the grunge style, there are many options of how to wear oversized jackets with wide ripped jeans, boyfriend, straight or skinny, with a bra, T-shirt or the typical checkered shirt characteristic of this style.

Next we are going to see an example outfit with the Boneshia jacket that we saw earlier, the set itself consists of a black bra and flare-type jeans with platform shoes and an oversize jacket.