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United States Army Air Forces officers Jackets

History of A 2 Jacket.

The A2 Flight jacket was first specified to be worn by the United States Army Air Forces officers when they finished their primary flight school in 1931. Because this jacket was a mark of a first-class airman's status, it had to be ornamented with pride. The jacket had to be embellished with rank insignia, regimental patches, and intricate sewing or painted artwork as a show of pride. The A-2 jackets' backs were constructed from a single piece of horsehide leather, which was considered the greatest canvas for pin-up females at the time. After each successful operation, these jackets could also be embellished with cartoon characters or bomb embellishments.

Evolution of A1 flight Jacket to A2 Flight Jacket.

The Type A-2 jackets were developed as a follow-up to the A-1 jackets, first introduced in 1927. However, when the Type A-2 superseded the Type A-1, numerous elements of the original jackets were modified. Buttoned fronts and pocket flaps with zips, for example, were abolished. The A-1 also included hidden snap fasteners, which were deleted in the next version; nonetheless, the very early A-2 retained pocket buttons. The A-1 jackets had a knitted stand-up collar with a button closure. Nonetheless, the new A-2 jackets, which had a leather shirt collar, a hook-and-eye clasp at the throat, and hidden snaps at the points, supplanted this. A-2 jackets also came with stitched-down shoulder straps.

a2 flight avitor jacket

The Flight Jacket A Leather Jacket with a Pride of Sky

The original A-2 jackets were much looser fitting than the modern ones, and they were trim rather than the current loose-fitting ones. They were designed to accommodate even the frailest soldiers, and they were to be worn over a shirt or a shirt and the flight suit. Many flight jacket linings were sewed with maps of the mission regions, which may be utilized for land navigation if the plane was shot down.
You may see several images of the A-2 jackets worn by US Army pilots, gunners, bombardiers, radio operators, and navigators of the 401st Bombardment Group at the National Archives. Each of them contains the nickname of the wearer's particular aircraft. According to this jacket, 'The Best Damned Outfit in the USAAF. In Europe, the 401st crewed the B-17 Flying Fortress on up to 254 missions, earning two Distinguished Unit Citations and over 12,000 individual honors and decorations. During the 1930s and 1940s, the number of A-2 jacket makers increased, and all of them displayed high-quality work, artistry, and fit features.

Original A2 Flight Jackets Specification:

The Original A-2 Unique Bomber Jackets manufactured by has following specification. we also offer this amazing jacket in custom sizes too.

Material: Distressed Leather, Real Leather
Inner: Viscose Lining
Collar: Turn Down Collar
Closure: Brass Front Zipper with Wind Flap
Pockets: Two Front Flapped Snap Pockets and Inner Pockets
Sleeves: Full Sleeves with Rib Knitted Cuffs
Color: Any Color

The A-2 jacket was the immediate successor to the A-1 and was worn by some of World War II's most famous groups, notably the Flying Tigers, a group of American volunteers who went to the skies in 1941 to defend China. After WWII, it became the Air Corps' conventional uniform when it was renamed the Air Force. These were manufactured from goat leather and cotton during WWII. When the troops returned home in 1945, villagers noted the coats they wore. Leather bomber jackets grew popular among civilians, and this flying jacket became legendary.

However, this jacket made history in more ways than one. Men's bomber jackets were even more popular as the world entered the 1950s, thanks to a new type of fashion trend known as the greaser style. Get your A2 Flight Jacket now from and show case your individual style.

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