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Mens Biker Jacket

There are three popular types of men's biker jacket available at

  • Type of material in which the outer shell is made.
  • Weather conditions in which it will be used mostly
  • Driving style and majority use of the motorcycle.

Motorcycle leather jackets

Leather motorcycle jackets are made of natural animal skin, generally cowhide or lambskin in the case of higher-end ones. The leather is the most resistant, light, and flexible.
Generally, leather jackets are more expensive as they are a much more flexible garment capable of adapting more comfortably to the body. Its price increases depending on whether it is about several pieces of leather sewn (cheaper) or if we are talking about garments made with a complete piece (the latter more expensive).

Generally, it has always been leather jackets that have been characterized by greater resistance. The leather can withstand low-intensity rain but ends up being permeable in the face of more adverse conditions, and the rider needs an outer raincoat to avoid getting soaked.

What motorcycle jacket do I buy? It is the first question we will ask ourselves when we have decided to acquire one. Our advice is to ask yourself what you need it for and what functionality you want it to have to choose the best motorcycle jacket. What use are you going to give it?
We know that design is important. Luckily, Boneshia mens biker jacket collection offer you a wide range of motorcycle jackets that will allow you to choose an attractive design without giving up any of its features, including one that we like to focus on: visibility.

Are you looking for a jacket to wear mostly in the colder seasons, Autumn/Winter? You are looking for a winter motorcycle jacket.

In this case, you can find a lot of variety in 2-layer jackets available here. As always, the outer layer is functional and offers all the protection and safety elements (anti-abrasive fabric, reflectors, protectors, adjustments, and ventilation). In the two-layer motorcycle jacket, the waterproof membrane is sewn together with the outer layer (in some cases, it can also be sewn to the thermal lining). Concerning the 3-layer jacket, it offers less versatility, as it does not allow a layer to be removed. However, it will also depend on the configuration of the upper layer (with more or less ventilation zippers and their composition). Another advantage of 2-layer jackets is the comfort of a jacket that is always waterproof, since there is no possibility of putting on and taking off the waterproof membrane.

Summer motorcycle jackets and winter motorcycle jackets: the differences

Will I be hot in the summer? If you live in most of the geography of America, where it usually exceeds 30 degrees in summer, you will need a summer motorcycle jacket. That's what summer motorcycle jackets are for, made in the form of a mesh, that is, perforated so that air enters through the fabric and provides us with greater freshness without sacrificing protection. Unlike winter motorcycle jackets, these are usually somewhat shorter and are not prepared for additional layers.

In summer jackets, variety is the order of the day. Shorter, longer, with a sporty cut, different colors, with windbreaker included or not, with thermal included or not, but they always have a common denominator… The ventilation mesh in a large jacket area allows air to flow freely inside.
Some summer jackets also incorporate a light windbreaker that makes them ideal for cooler nights. Within the summer range, we have a new design motorcycle jacket, the cotton jacket model, which has a D-Dry Laminated outer jacket, ideal for hot but rainy climates.

On the other hand, winter motorcycle jackets usually have different layers, as we explained above, apart from the fact that the upper layer does not include ventilation meshes but rather zippers placed at certain points that allow air passage.