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Stay warm in winter with fashionable winter women trench coats

Rain, wind or snow do not have to be reasons to stay indoors. With the wide range of winter jackets from BONESHIA, it is possible to comfortably go out into the open air for every occasion. You can discover a sports jacket or a stylish trench coat in our range. Opt for a biker jacket when you're in a tough mood. Whatever kind of jacket you take, you never pay too much. Our range is aimed at offering good quality for a low price. This allows you to prepare well for the winter with all kinds of jackets that protect you well against the cold.

A winter coat in every style and for every occasion

Do you have a fancy dinner on your agenda? Or do you want to look good for a business meeting? With a stylish coat you already make a good impression at the front door. These jackets are available in different lengths. You can choose a flowy model that reaches just over the knee or a slightly shorter and tighter version. There are many variants in between. But you can also opt for a completely different type of winter coat. For example, do you meet up with your friends in a hip café? Maybe you're more into a biker jacket. We have them in black imitation leather, among other things, and a cheerfully colored soft wool blend is also possible. These jackets are equipped with all the cool details that belong to a biker jacket.

Accurate, Stylish. A Must-Have For Every Fashion-Conscious Lady

Are you looking for a jacket that goes with all kinds of different outfits? Then try a parka. For example, a breathable, wind- and water-repellent version serves perfectly as a sports jacket. A slightly longer parka in a modest color and a faux fur collar looks great with smart trousers. Original casual models with a camouflage print are also available that match nicely with jeans.

A down jacket is a good choice for the extra cold days or for a trip to one of the winter sports countries. There are long models that cover your thighs and therefore give your body extra warmth. Do you need more freedom of movement? Then a shorter down jacket can be the solution. Incidentally, our down jackets and women trench coats bear the RDS quality mark. This stands for Responsible Down-Standard and means that the down and feathers come from animals that have been kept responsibly. You can also stay nice and warm with a quilted jacket. This is filled with cotton wool, which retains your body heat. The cold can no longer bother you if you take a padded jacket with a hood with faux fur. A special variant among the winter jackets is the reversible jacket. Here you have two copies at once. The outside and inside of a reversible jacket usually have a different color. In addition, the structure differs: the inside can be smooth and the outside quilted or vice versa.

If you have a size more, there is also a generous selection of all kinds of winter women trench coats. For example, stay warm in a softshell jacket or parka with faux fur. Or step into the shopping streets in style with a wool coat. You will find these and many more models in our range of large sizes. Are you pregnant and do you temporarily wear looser clothing? Then take a look at the part of our range of jackets that is especially suitable for pregnancy.

Choose Durability, Quality And An Affordable Price

We are happy to help our customers with a complete wardrobe that is made in a fair way. That is why you will find a lot of clothing made of organic cotton in our range. This cotton is produced in an environmentally friendly way under the safest possible working conditions. In 2021, our sold clothing consisted of 33% organic cotton. A percentage that we would like to increase even more. Our sustainable approach also includes attention to animal welfare. That is why the fur of our collars is imitation and the down linings have an RDS quality mark. In addition to a fair production history, we also find a fair price important. That is why you can purchase good quality winter women trench coats very cheaply from us. In addition, you will find all kinds of other items in our online shop that you can combine to your heart's content. Just take a look and you might find a nice pair of boots or a nice warm tie to go with your new winter coat. 

Boneshia's Long Wool Coat Collection for Women

It's that time of year again when getting dressed can be challenging; you may have many inside layers, such as sweaters, turtlenecks, and shirts, but not enough outerwear to complete the outfit. Then you begin searching through your closet for old winter gear; chances are they may not be in the best of shape or may just be out of style, in which case you have come to the perfect place.

We at Boneshia keep an eye on current fashions, fusing the traditional qualities of women's wool coats with a cutting-edge style. It is a must-have for the season because it is a great way to coordinate your wardrobe and, more significantly, because it will keep you warm.

Frequently Asked Questions

How durable is a wool coat?

If properly maintained, depending on the quality, it can last for many years. To ensure greater style, protection, and quality, it is advised to spend your money on a good long wool coat for women.

Wool coats: do they itch?

No, wool fibre does not itch the skin; instead, it feels soft and comforting against the skin. That is the inherent advantage of donning a double-breasted or single-breasted coat; each style has its own advantages.

What occurs when you wash wool?

It can be washed, but avoid drying it because it will shrink. Allow it to air dry by hanging it in at outside or open area. 

People Also Ask For

How insulating is wool?

On a windy day with a low of 35 degrees Fahrenheit, you can stay warm with a thick wool coat of great quality.

How cold should you wear a wool coat?

A decent quality can be worn on a cold day when the temperature is 35 degrees Fahrenheit or above.

Do wool coats weigh a lot?

It is available in a variety of thicknesses and price points. A typical thick wool weighs very little. However, in addition to being heavier, densely thick wool is also warmer.

Can wool be used in snow?

Wool is water-resistant because it naturally insulates. As a result, it's an excellent item of clothing to wear if you unexpectedly come into contact with snow. Although it can become moist if there is a prolonged snowfall.

What qualities should a wool coat have?

Make sure the item you are purchasing is made of a well-woven fabric that contains only wool. To prevent pain when wearing it for hours, the buttons should be securely stitched, and the interior lining should be soft and moisture-friendly.

How should a wool coat be preserved?

To remove dust, gently brush it with a soft brush.

  • When not being worn, hang it to prevent creases.
  • To absorb the blot, use a soft cloth or paper towel. Never rub it. If not, it will penetrate the fabric further.
  • Twice annually, dry clean. Before and after the season are ideal times.
  • To guard against moisture, store your jackets in a garment bag rather than a plastic bag.

Wool is warmer than polyester, though.

When it comes to warmth, wool is significantly superior to polyester. It is even skin-friendly, comfortable to wear, and doesn't make you itchy like polyester does.

How should a wool coat be worn?

Throwing this beauty over cashmere, slim-fit jeans, and sneakers is the hip way to wear it. Wear it with an ankle boot and a tailored blazer for a more elegant appearance.

Will I receive wool of the highest kind from Boneshia?

No of the weather, you can stay warm and fashionable in one of our wool coats thanks to their wonderful, thick fabric. In other words, any cold season is a fantastic time to wear our wool fabrics. Despite this, they are lightweight and breathable.

What kinds of wool coats can I get over here?

You may get both short and long coat women's styles at Boneshia. We offer both half-length jackets that extend above the knees and full-length coats that fall below the knee.

What designs of wool coats are offered?

There are many different types available, such as hooded, 3- or 4-length, double-breasted, and other gorgeous designs that are absolute must-haves.

How should a women's black wool coat be styled?

Everything that is bright and contrasted will appear fantastic.