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Women's Bomber Jacket

The Bomber Jacket is unquestionably one of fashion's most iconic and timeless pieces. Originally a military flying jacket, it now appears in designer collections in every fabric possible, from traditional leather to modern printed silk, for every season.

But what precisely is a bomber jacket? It is traditionally a waist-length outerwear garment with gathered cuffs and hemlines finished with ribbed elasticated cuffs and waistband. The front of the jacket normally has a zip closure, and font pockets are common. It is typically seen as a gender-neutral garment with no age restrictions. You may recognize the essential jacket from movies like Top Gun and The Great Escape, making it popular.

The earliest bomber jackets were designed to keep pilots warm in open-air planes while serving in the military. They were originally produced with a very lightweight cotton body and a cotton-based fur collar for warmth. Still, after WWII, when nylon was no longer needed for parachutes, they were replaced with a nylon collar. Over time, as demands changed, the style evolved. Because of aircraft's high altitudes and speeds in the early twentieth century, the Royal Flying Corps in Belgium and France modified the original bomber jacket design. They used leather, which was regarded as the heaviest and strongest fabric and could sustain repeated use.

Are Bomber Jackets Still In Style For This Year?

A leather bomber jacket, as previously stated, is a highly versatile leather outfit that you can wear as a smart casual or casual garment when you want to stand out from the crowd. Leather bomber jackets will be fashionable in 2022, as they are timeless garments.

How Should A Bomber Jacket Fit A Woman?

Bomber jackets come in various sizes and styles for both men and women. A jacket looks best on women when it is cut at the waist or worn below the waist (a common slot in oversized jackets). However, for men, a jacket should be worn close to the waist, either at or just below the beltline.

Is A Bomber Jacket Flattering?

Bomber jackets are the answer when it's too cold for a jean jacket but not cold enough for a wool coat. They can also be a more flattering and pleasant alternative to cargo and leather jackets due to their fitted design and soft fabrics.

Are Bomber Jackets Warm Enough For Winter?

At the first indication of cold weather, slip on a bomber with black denim and a T-shirt, but those with more strong linings, such as sheepskin, will keep you toasty throughout winter.