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These Are The Best Fabrics To Make A Homemade Mask With A Lot Of Style

We tell you how to make your own mask with the best fabrics and a unique touch to avoid contagion by coronavirus.

When the pandemic began, perhaps no one realized that it would last more than a year, but it has been; And although we are moving forward, the reality is that it is not over yet. Therefore, it is necessary and very important that you do not lower your guard and continue to take care of yourself with the measures recommended by the health authorities.

One of them is the use of the mask when you have to go out or be in the office. As expected, the fashion industry made its timely appearance to provide us with very cool face mask alternatives that you can combine with your style, but on the other hand there is the option to make your homemade face masks and give them your own touch.

If the pandemic put you in creative mode, then we recommend that you dare to make one, but not without first taking note of which fabrics are the safest for homemade face masks and in what order you should place them to ensure that this piece fulfills its purpose. : protect you.

Three is better than one

As the months have passed, the indications as to what type of mask is the best have been changing. This is how the latest WHO recommendation points out that three-layer masks are the most effective to avoid spreading or contracting coronavirus . According to the World Health Organization , if you want to know how to make a safe homemade mask, you should assemble it as follows:

Inner layer of absorbent material: the ideal fabric is cotton, which is very kind to your skin and lets it breathe, which can help prevent the appearance of pimples due to the constant use of the mask .

Intermediate layer of non-absorbent non-woven material: such as polypropylene (you can order it online).

Non-absorbent outer layer: You could use polyester or polyester blend. For this last layer you can buy different colors to let your imagination fly and make different models of homemade masks .

For now, and until the health authorities say otherwise, you should avoid other types of fabrics to make your homemade face masks , because the ones we just mentioned are the safest .

With or without capsules?

The WHO DOES NOT advise the use of masks with breathing capsules or valves, as this opens when you exhale, which facilitates breathing but also allows any virus such as COVID-19 to pass through the opening.

Take into account that being a homemade and reusable mask you should wash it every time you return home and assign it a fixed place so that it does not become contaminated.

Remember that the use of face masks continues to be an essential measure to end the transmission of COVID-19 and thus save lives.

In addition to the use of a mask, avoid crowded, closed environments and close contact with other people, if you are going out for coffee with your friends, then choose a place with good ventilation, wash your hands constantly and use antibacterial gel.