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Boneshia’s A2 Flight Jacket Collection

The A-2 flight jacket is modest in comparison to most. While it is not the first model utilised by the US military (that title goes to the A-1), it is undoubtedly the most iconic and well-known. It was first worn in the 1930s and remained a part of the uniform worn by the Air Corps' aces for the duration of WWII. Unfortunately, it was phased out in 1943 and was replaced by the G-1, which we previously described. Who'd have guessed that shearling was so popular? The A-2 is more subdued in comparison, but that's exactly why we like it. At you will can buy all the variant of A2 Flight jackets for both Men and women. With years of research and modern fashion trend, we are able to introduce a variety of color and style with same vintage style A2 Flight Jacket.

Introduction To A2 Flight Jacket

Even though it has only been around for a short time (as you may recall, the G-1 is still in use by the military), it is nevertheless one of the most well-known military leather jacket types; the style has even been reproduced for civilian use, solidifying its status as an iconic garment. The A-2 was designed primarily to modernize everything about the A-1, not just for structural reasons but also because aviation had changed dramatically since the A-1 was first presented in the 1920s.
To begin, the jacket was closed with a zipper rather than buttons, which could be difficult to fasten or remove in action. In fact, it was one of the earliest jackets to include a zipper as the primary closure. To protect against the elements, the collar would be constructed of leather to match the rest of the jacket and would close with a clasp. The pockets were made as patches, with a flap that was closed with a snap button. Military models had epaulettes, whereas civilian models did not; some manufacturers even incorporated handwarmer components to the pockets to make them more practical for average people.
The A-2, like most military jackets of the time, was designed to be a tailored fit. This is evident in all of the old photographs; they were not huge like those seen in the late 1980s and 1990s. When piloting a cold, metal aeroplane, a snug (but not too tight) fit was required to enhance warming. It's no surprise that WWII pilots looked so gorgeous in their leather jackets, with all the trimmings and the proper fit. And popular culture merely adds fuel to the fire.

Customization Available In A2 Flight Jacket From

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